(SPE), is an award-winning, full service production company that has produced five feature films, four of which have been distributed domestically selling nearly over a half million units to date.  Our titles have all returned handsome profits to our investors for their contributions.  As professional filmmakers with uniquely artistic vision, we have produced television pilots, short films, commercials, PSAs, industrials and more.  Our brand has excelled in producing micro-budgeted films ranging from $5,000-250,000 with an audience reach of over 5 million.  Our goal is to expand our vision to reach a broader audience and move into films ranging from $500,000-5,000,000, taking the disciplines learned to get the most out of each dollar and maximize investor returns.  

Southern Peach Entertainment keeps it's attention on the pulse of the entertainment industry and with hundreds of cable channels and traditional distribution outlets demanding quality content with built-in target audiences. We understands that to be competitive in today's expanding market, content is king! SPE has developed a slate that includes feature film titles, dramatic television series, and web series with intellectual properties that will produce revenue in perpetuity for Southern Peach and its financiers.

From the beginning we have maintained a close producing team, Danielle L. Ross, Writer/Director/Producer, and Stephanie Cunningham, Producer/Photographer/DP and Producer, Charo Cantrell.  We often collaborate with like-minded producers to maximize a projects fullest potential.

Stephanie Cunningham, Producer          Charo Cantrell, Producer         Danielle L. Ross, Filmmaker

Danielle L. Ross, Director Reel (Comedy) feat. Debra Wilson, Chyna Layne, Oren Williams, Ashley Banks, and Zach Williams

Danielle L. Ross


director, writer, producer

Danielle L. Ross earned her MBA from Webster University, and a bachelor’s degree in Radio/TV Broadcasting from California State University, Los Angeles. She is a filmmaker with a specific creative vision and passion for the art of storytelling. Danielle  can recall going to work with her grandfather as a child at NBC Studios and immediately falling in love. However, it was an internship at Walt Disney during college launched her career into film which lead to working on several studio films before deciding to produce films independently in 2003.


Danielle’s first feature film, He Who Finds a Wife in 2005 (Shelli Boone, Chaim Dunbar), is widely recognized as being one of the best selling faith-based dramas. Since, Danielle has balanced a career as a director, screenwriter, and producer guiding five independent micro-budget feature films through distributions. Her films range from faith-based to edgy urban dramas focusing on the African-American experience.


Danielle has also spent several years in Business Affairs and high volume media licensing and contract negations for industry leaders such as 20th Century Fox, Universal Pictures, Sony Pictures, FootageBank HD and Bill Gates’ privately owned Corbis Corporation. Currently, she is producing television for Pasadena Media, a local nonprofit that has allowed Danielle to give back to the community. Danielle remains in high demand dividing her time consulting, directing, and producing commercials, music videos, web-series, and developing even more cutting-edge titles.